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both in terms of execution and to t

both in terms of execution and to the company's culture, he recalled."I lost a few friends in the process," said Riccitiello. "Smart, creative people who just couldn't stomach the NBA 2K18 MT transition. Some stopped believing, some left for what they thought were better offers with a quicker profit and payout."The company has since shifted from this "defensive" strategy to one more "offensive," now that the company has cut its losses dramatically."I wish I could tell you it's all paid off,"

Riccitiello. "Yes we've had a few wins, but there's much more to do. We're proud that our game quality is up, our cost is down, and our profits are up. That the investments and the Cheap NBA 2K18 MT notion that we could build a business beyond simply packaged goods is working."And we're happy that Wall Street is starting to respond. But I'm not standing in front of shareholders in a flight suit claiming mission accomplished," he joked. "So while the lesson isn't over, we've learned a lot.""I would

we failed well," he concluded. "We were students of our own failure, we used our failure to shape and impel us to a better strategy, one that we believe will ultimately succeed in ways that our previous strategy -- even if perfectly executed -- could never have done."In Gamasutra's latest feature, developer Jeremy Alessi describes the creation process and impact of Bin Laden Raid, and the "bright and wide open" future of newsgames."As soon as I got a handle on what occurred, I pulled

laptop out and began searching for the compound on Google Earth," Alessi writes, so beginning the process that led to the release of Bin Laden Raid a week after the Navy SEAL team killed the terrorist leader in Pakistan.While the development process had its share of difficulties -- poor communication, problems with the art and the engine -- the nba18mt team managed to pull off a game that garnered interest and, more importantly, served a purpose, says Alessi."Currently, we use Twitter and

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